What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in simple terms?

Basically It means to mark your position on Search Engines whether it being page 50 or page 1. Ideally you want to be on Page 1 for it to be beneficial. Even pages 2 and 3 can drag the performance of your traffic. With us, We will ensure you have multiple page 1 positions. Most sites are found through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Users find sites by typing in keywords, specific or non-specific. If a user were to search the keyword "High Quality Website Design". What will appear are websites ranking for that keyword. Our team seeks out the best keywords with low competition which will gain page 1 positions much quicker than more commonly used keywords.

So, what determines my rank on the search engines?
All search engines have their own ranking algorithms that are secret, and are known to not tell anyone what it is that is changed. However, there are special practices that our team is trained in doing. Many companies do not take advantage of these special techniques that generate the true results of SEO. Read the bottom of this page to find out exactly what we do.

Why should I use SEO on my website?
People better optimise their website to gain more business, customers, or clients. In todays world, businesses need an online presence. This is very important if your business is only online. By hiring the right SEO Agency, or specialist, you can ensure new customers, and business will be coming your way.

Now, what exactly does Dime Web Designs do?

Here is What we offer every month your subscribed with us.

  1. Gather Information Data, and Statistics on your website.
  2. Raise your Companies Traffic, and new leads.
  3. Build high quality Social Media Networks with your company
  4. Gather high quality Keywords with low competition.
  5. We Analyze, Remove, and Add new High Quality Backlinks.
  6. Submit high quality blogs / blog posts on blogging networks.
  7. Create and submit a high quality video.
  8. Create and submit a high quality powerpoint.
  9. Submission onto high demand press release sites.
  10. We instantly index your websites links to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  11. We guarentee a 90-day link replacement on all backlinks.
  12. We provide on site reports every week.
  13. We will always be here answer any questions 24/7.