In need of a web design specialist?

Luckily you’re in the right place. Here at Dime Web Designs we have a team of experts specialized in High quality website creation ready to help generate new leads and grow your business. In today's world having a website is as essential as having an open sign on the doors of your business, and neglecting this aspect will result in you missing a huge piece of the pie. Not just any old website will do, with the rise in competition now a days your site must be modernized and be able to perform well on all platforms: Iphones, Androids, Tablets, ect. Your website must be secure in order to provide trust within your customers and our team will ensure your safety on the web.

The Process

It all starts with listening, we begin by using our ears and not our mouths. We spend the time to learn and analyze your company and business and find out what makes you unique. We then focus on the customer, we do the research for you and help figure out what your customers are looking for and why you are the best choice. Understanding your company's strengths and the customers needs will allow us to provide optimize your website for success.

Website Maintenance

After we’ve built your high quality site you are going to need someone to maintain your content. Even if you have an existing site you’ll need a partner to help maintain it. To keep your site current and running properly we offer contracts to that meet your budget.



Backing up your website

Keeping your files protected is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure scheduled backups and archive services that provide daily protection of your files. No longer will you worry of mistakes, hackers, or viruses ruining your content.

Website Security

Not only do we keep your website data backed up but we also provide high-security using an SSL certificate as another form of protection for your site. An SSL certificate is essential for protecting your customers sensitive information such as credit cards, emails, or other personal information from hackers and viruses. A Strong SSL encryption will protect yourself, your customers, and build trust and professionalism within your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website and online presence for search engines has the highest return on investment of any marketing effort. Here at Dime Web Designs we offer quality SEO services to increase your rankings across multiple search engines to boost your traffic and target the right audience for business.